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AAP pulls up legislator


New Delhi, Dec 10 :

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal Tuesday pulled up a young and newly elected party legislator for noisily celebrating his victory outside the house of the defeated Congress candidate.

“(What Dharmendra Singh) Koli and his team did is completely wrong,” Kejriwal said, saying it was not correct to burst firecrackers or dance in front of Veer Singh Dhinghan’s house in Seemapuri area.

Koli, who won by over 12,000 votes, has been accused by Dhinghan’s wife of molesting her after storming the Congress politician’s house.

Kejriwal denied Koli molested the woman, calling the charge was “completely wrong”.

“The allegations are wrong. Totally wrong. We will warm him (Koli) and tell him not do such politics.”

Kejriwal advised Koli to learn from his late sister Santosh Koli, who was a staunch AAP supporter and died in a road accident.  (IANS)