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AAP legislator wanted to join BJP: Dagar


New Delhi, Sep 8 :

Delhi BJP vice president Sher Singh Dagar, accused by the AAP of poaching its legislator Dinesh Mohaniya, Monday said the AAP leader met him to say he wished to join the BJP.

“The AAP MLA had come to meet me 45 days ago and even yesterday (Sunday). Since the BJP has formed the government at the centre, he wanted to join our party,” Dagar told a press conference here.

“He (Mohaniya) came to meet me and I never went (to meet Mohaniya). There was no talk of money and I did not offer him anything,” he said.

Dagar pointed out that the video was not genuine and if charges against him were proven, he would quit politics.

“You can see my 44 years’ record. I have not done anything wrong. If the party wants to expel me, they can… I will file a defamation case against the AAP,” Dagar said.

The AAP Monday released a video which showed Dagar allegedly offering a plum post and money to Mohaniya in a bid to help the BJP to take power in Delhi.

Delhi has been under President’s rule since Kejriwal resigned as chief minister Feb 14 after 49 days in office.