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Aama Odisha collects 42,440 units of blood in 2015


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 31:

Aama Odisha, one of the leading voluntary organisations of the state working in the field of blood donation, has collected 42,440 units of blood in 2015.

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It organised 891 blood donation camps across all 314 blocks of the state to reach the milestone.

Aama Odisha Chairman Soumya Ranjan Patnaik extended his gratitude to all the donors and partner organisations on the occasion.

“We have once again conducted blood donation camps in all 314 blocks of the state and have spread the message of the noble cause all over the state. Donors from Malkangiri to Mayurbhanj have donated blood with ardour. I wish to thank all of the donors and the associated organisations that helped organize the camps,” said Patnaik.

“We thank all the donors, the supporting organisations and the blood bank staff for this success. It was a herculean task to be able to go to the Maoist-infested areas and other interior blocks of the state to conduct the camps. The final number might have come down a bit this year, but the reach has been the same and will stay,” said Aama Odisha Secretary Swaraj Mishra.

Notably, starting its campaign in 2006; Aama Odisha had collected 9,250 units of blood from 181 camps which increased to 515 camps in 2010 with a collection of 27,008 units. In 2011, the organisation conducted camps in every single block of the state for the first time and collected 48,061 units from 802 camps.

Blood donors from each block of the state have been donating through Aama Odisha ever since.

In 2012, it collected 45,026 units through 828 camps and in 2013, it set up a new record by collecting 52,795 units from 1004 camps. Last year, it organised the maximum number of camps ever (1026) and collected 52,645 units of blood.