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88% households in Odisha survive on less than Rs 5, 000 a month


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
New Delhi, Jul 5:

Puncturing the Naveen Patnaik government’s claim that it has been instrumental in taking Odisha on a high-growth trajectory, the first Socio Economic and Caste Census, 2011 released on Friday has revealed that a whopping 87.88% households in the state have monthly earnings of less than Rs. 5,000.

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54% of households in rural areas in the state do not have houses or land.

While 34.89% of the total population is illiterate, a meagre 2.79% are graduates or above.

Similarly, while 65.36% households do not possess telephones, refrigerators or vehicles, 64.97% reside in kuccha houses.

Notably, the survey conducted in 640 districts, included Odisha’s 86 lakh households in 51,000 villages and 12.62 lakh households in 107 urban areas across 30 districts in the state. According to the report, 15.05 lakh households in the rural areas are from scheduled castes while 20.62 lakh are from scheduled sub castes and 49.41 lakh are from other castes. These apart, 63,000 families do not belong to any particular caste or community.

Similarly, while 83.33 lakh households own houses, 1.56 lakh stay in rented houses. Out of them, 56 lakh households live in kuccha houses and only 30.14 lakhin pucca houses.

While 19.89 lakh households depend on cultivation for their livelihood, 50.73 lakh are casual manual labourers.

Only 5.86 lakh households have salaried jobs. Out of them, 3.79 lakh are in the government sector, 1.64 lakh in the private sector and 43,178 are in the public sector.

Besides, 1.34 lakh households have non-agricultural own account enterprise and 54,199 households earn their livelihood from begging/charity/alms collection.

While 75.78 lakh households have incomes less than Rs 5,000, 4.10 lakh households have monthly incomes above Rs 10,000 and out of them 2.2 lakh pay income tax.

Of the total population of 3.62 lakh population in the state, 34.89% are illiterates and only 2.79% are graduates or above.

Similarly, 39.61 lakh households own any land, 46.61 lakh households or 54% have no land in rural areas.

Under the assets ownership (rural) category, 4.16 lakh households own refrigerators and 32,837 households have landline telephones. While 28.94 lakh households in rural areas use mobile phones, 59,000 households have both mobile and landline phones.

Besides, 7.63 lakh households in rural areas own motorised two/three/four wheelers or motorized fishing boat requiring registration while 56.36 lakh or 65.36% households are deprived from using modern gadgets.

According to the report out of the total population of 3, 62, 89,698 in the state 1, 85, 29,713 are males, 1, 77, 55,501 females and 4,224 transgenders. Out of them, 1, 53, 51,139 have never got married while 1, 55, 55,180 are married and 14, 17,594 have died, are widows or widowers. On the other hand, 1, 79,322 married persons are separated and 43,164 are divorced.

Out of the total households in the state 75, 59, 843 are male headed while 10,61,481 are female headed.