Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Dec 10: 

In a revelation of sorts that exposes the shoddy state of State Government funded primary education system, Odisha School and Mass Education Minister Debi Prasad Mishra has told the Assembly that out of the 51,964 primary and Upper Primary (UP) schools in Odisha, as many as 45,019 do not have a separate teacher for each class.

Pic Courtesy: M Rajshekhar/
Pic Courtesy: M Rajshekhar/

Worse, a whopping 41,688 primary and UP schools do not even have a separate classrooms for each class – which translates into a single teacher attending to more than one class at the same time and on occasions, more than one class at the same place.

According to the data tabled by minister Mishra in the Assembly on December 8 in reply to an unstarred question by Rourkela legislator Dilip Ray, while 87 percent of the schools lack dedicated teachers, as many as 80 percent schools lack dedicated classrooms.

There are 34,238 primary and 17,726 upper primary schools in the state taking the total to 51,964. While 4,294 primary and 5,982 upper primary schools have dedicated classrooms for each class, the remaining 41,688 schools go without it.

Only 1,658 primary and 5,260 upper primary schools have dedicated teachers leading to 6945 schools out of the 51,964. This leaves out 45,019 schools without dedicated teachers for each class.

Coming to basic infrastructures at these schools, Minister Mishra added that while 1,114 schools lack men’s toilet, 212 schools lack the essential facility for ladies. As many as 151 schools do not have access to drinking water. 17,763 schools do not have a boundary wall and 376 schools do not have a building of their own.