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8 beaches Odisha proudly boasts of!


Yes, one of the reasons why the Incredible India tagline for Odisha tourism reads scenic, serene, sublime is the beaches that this coastal state of India can flaunt. Odisha’s coastline is dotted with some fabulous beaches and how!

Here are the top 8:

  1. Paradeep


Blue waters soothing your eyes, soft sands trickling your feet and sun rays kissing your cheeks; feels amazing right! This is exactly what you will feel like while at this hypnotic beach spot. Enjoy your vacation on this spellbinding seashore along with your family and friends and make memories.

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2. Rushikulya


Treat the sand and sea lover in you, take a break from the routine and explore the serenity amidst the blue waters of Odisha. Rushikulya Beach is one of the most beautiful and serene seashores that will make you feel like you are at the paradise already. A hub for all the nature and landscape lovers, this beach is sure to delight you beyond limit.

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3. Talasari


The name Talasari is derived from the two words Tala (meaning Palm) and Sari/Sarani (meaning row). The palm trees surrounding the place give such a name to it and also create a perfect ambience to enjoy a sunset.

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4. Astarang


A perfect destination for a perfect sunset experience on the beach! ‘Astarang’: meaning ‘colourful sunset’, this beach is known for its pristine experience of dusks. It is a joyful delight for all the photographers and beach lovers as it leaves you with a blissful experience of one of the best sunsets you could ever sip your coffee with!

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5. Balighai


Experience the majestic sunrise and the mind soothing sunset on the shores of one of the calmest sandy delights in Odisha. Balighai Beach is a coastline splendour that attracts lot of local and foreign travellers. The tranquillity felt here cannot be experienced elsewhere!

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6. Chandipur


Ever witnessed a sea play hide and seek? Well…Chandipur Beach is all set to excite you with this unique phenomenon! Experience the magic of waves touching your feet and swaying away from you as you watch the sea vanish right in front of your eyes and then observe its return. Live these moments of treasure as you enjoy the mystic beauty of the mesmerising shoreline of Chandipur Beach.

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7. Gahirmatha


Look for an offbeat destination amongst the beaches in Odisha and Gahirmatha Beach is already is on top of your list! This surreal beach is surrounded with lush greenery and amazing sceneries the will keep you engaged just in the music of waves. You wouldn’t wish to come back from here no matter what!

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8. Ramchandi


Scenically situated on the confluence of Kushabhadra River and the Bay of Bengal, Ramchandi Beach is a perfect stop to unwind and be yourself like never before. Enjoy amidst the calm seashore and enthral yourself with the exciting sea surfing at this mind-blowing coast.


(Published with permission from the Facebook page of Thrillophilia with pictures clicked by Ar Shakti Nanda)