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70 journalists killed on job in 2013


Washington, Dec 30:

Across the world, 70 journalists were killed in 2013 while on the job, the Committee to Protect Journalists said.

The figure was marginally down from 74 in 2012.

The committee is investigating the deaths of 25 more journalists in 2013 to establish whether these were work-related.

According to the report, Syria, Iraq, Egypt were the most deadly nations to work in for journalists.

Syria remained the most deadly place for journalists on the job in 2013, while Iraq and Egypt saw a spike in fatal violence. Two-thirds of journalists’ killings during the year took place in the Middle East.

Pakistan, Somalia, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Mali and Russia also saw multiple deaths of journalists, although the number of deaths in Pakistan and Somalia declined significantly.

Mexico was notably absent from the list, with no deaths confirmed as work-related.

Thirty-six percent of the journalists were killed in combat or crossfire, while 20 percent died during some other type of dangerous assignment.

At least 28 journalists were killed in Syria, 10 in Iraq­, six in Egypt, five in Pakistan, four in Somalia, three in India, Brazil and the Philippines, two in Russia, Mali, one in Turkey, Bangladesh, Colombia and Libya.

The Committee to Protect Journalists is a New York-based independent, non-profit organisation that promotes press freedom worldwide.    (IANS)