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7 things Independence Day makes us feel nostalgic about!

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Bhubaneswar: As India celebrates the 70th year of its independence this year, Odisha Sun Times brings to you 7 things about Independence Day that induce a sense of nostalgia:

  1. Parade: Drum beats, dapper uniforms and synchronized movements of hands and legs accompanied by balloons, salutes and flags is reminiscent of the school-time march past. While speeches are generally the least looked forward to, cultural performances are the pièce de résistance of the event.
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2. Laddoos

Independence Day is a celebration of freedom and no celebration is complete without a mouthful of laddoo. And no one can eat just one!

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3. National Holiday

August 15 is the date when everyone in the country gets a holiday. From shops to petrol bunks, private and government institutions, banks, newspaper organisations and even liquor shops observe this national holiday, (barring emergency services like hospitals). Roads wear a deserted look as the aam janta stays in.

4. Flags

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From tiny flags on auto-rickshaws to billowing flags atop government buildings, the country gets painted with the shades of the tricolour. People also pin tricolour broaches on their clothes and wear tricolour-themed attires.

5. Songs and movies

While television channels telecast re-runs of patriotic movies and radio stations broadcast playlist after playlist of nationalist songs, Independence Day is the time to remind ourselves of our struggle for freedom and the love for our country.

6. Sense of patriotism

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This is the time of the year when the desk bhakt in us swells with pride and there is a patriotic fervour in the ambience. In spite of being enslaved for about 200 years, today we are the largest democracy in the world. When many world leaders felt that India was not ready to be a free country, we have made tremendous progress in various sectors of growth and development, despite being labelled as a third world country and a major player in international relations in Asia and the world.

7. Raining offers

Restaurants, hotels, retail shops, e-commerce websites, etc. offer Independence Day special discounts on their products and services on this occasion. Another reason to celebrate?