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7 Odia patriotic songs to listen to this Independence Day!


Bhubaneswar: The day when our nation witnessed the dawn of independence, is here. The day when the bright light of freedom and joy appeared to the saggy, swollen, tired mass of our country and they breathed in the fresh air after years of exploitation, is here.

One of the most enthralling feelings about this day is when the streets, schools, and homes are all ringing with the melody of freedom. Songs which take us back to the night when the world slept and a nation arose with freedom!

Here’s a list of seven Odia patriotic songs for all music lovers to listen to. You can add these songs with other patriotic Bollywood numbers to make your own deshbhakti playlist!


  1. Bande Utkal Janani– This is the first song which comes to our minds when we talk about patriotism. It was written and composed in 1912 by Kantakabi Laxmikanta Mohapatra and became the state anthem on 1 April 1936, when Odisha was officially declared as a state.

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  2. Ei desha, ei maati– This song talks about the endearing love we have for our country. Written by Niranjan Routm, this song is possibly the song most performed on, by students in schools. Lakshmikant Pandit had composed the music and it was sung by Lakshmikant and Bidyutprava.

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  3. Tunga Sikhari Chula– Written beautifully by lyricist Pandit Godabarisha Mishra with music given by Pratani and sung by Lakshmikant and Bidyutprava, this number is one of the must-haves in the Odia patriotic song playlist.

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  4. Jaga Sainika– An ode to the soldiers fighting for our country, this song is from an album Kargil ku Chitti and was released on 25 September 2009.

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  5. Koti koti barsa dhari– This song, also from the album Kargil ku Chitti and another heartfelt number dedicated to the fervor of patriotism.

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  6. Jagare jaga– “Arise, awake!” is what this song means. It is one from the movie Bande Mataram which was released in 2010 and has been sung by Debasis.

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  7. Koti koti Kanthe– One of the very old songs, it was released in 1932 in the voice of Gokul Mohanty. Old songs definitely take you back as if in a time machine to the pre-independence era.


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