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7 All-Time Favourite Odia Crackers


Diwali might not be as grand an affair in Odisha as it is  in the north, but when it comes to bursting crackers we Odias are not to be left behind! Here we have compiled a list of crackers without which an Odia Diwali is incomplete.

1. Ghadi

This is our desi version of anar/kumpi. Instead of shiny paper, these little explosives are contained inside earthen pots.


2. Habeli

Habelis are the life and soul of our Diwalis. Launch this missile from the ground, a bottle or straight out of your hands – Habeli is the quintessential cracker of all time!



3. Sutuli Bomb

Enough said. This is as Odia as it can get.

image1 (4)
Sutuli Bomb

4. Tala Photaka/Sun Photaka

Fling it as hard as you can and then cover your ears! What fun!

tala photaka
Tala Photaka

5. Dhap Dhapi

Our very own desi sparklers with enough bling to dull disco lights!

Dhap Dhapi
Dhap Dhapi

6. Fancy Shots

These may not be very desi but are extremely popular. From ‘Angel Eyes’, ‘Maneka’ to ‘Red Siren’, these fancy shots promise to show you a myriad constellations.

Fancy Shots
Fancy Shots

7. Lanka Bomb

This is how we like to end it! Strings of 5000, 10,000 or even 20,000 – the continuous torrent of blasts make it a Diwali to remember!

Lanka Bomb
Lanka Bomb

Do let us know if we have missed out on anything. Happy Diwali!