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6 lakh Odisha voters opted for NOTA


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, May 17:

More than six lakh people have opted for the ‘None of The Above’ (NOTA) option in the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls in Odisha, which is higher in number than the votes polled by as many as 10 parties.

While 1.5 per cent (3,32,780) have opted for NOTA in the Lok Sabha polls, an option which was introduced in the elections for the first time to attract more voters, the state Assembly elections registered 1.3 per cent (2,71,336) NOTA votes.NOTA

The 1.5 per cent NOTA votes in the balloting for the Lok Sabha seats work out to be higher than the total votes polled by five parties which  have secured a total of 3,24,647 votes.

The five parties are OJM-0.2% (44397), CPM-0.2% (35968), AITC -0.1% (30717), CPI-0.3% (65667), and AAP-0.7% (147898).

Similarly, five political parties have secured fewer votes than NOTA  in Assembly polls. The parties include SP-0.2% (36779), SAMO-02% (32315), SUCI-0.2% (48880), CPM-0.4% (80274), SKD-0.4% (86539).

Notably, at the national level , around 60 lakh voters opted for  NOTA , which is more than the total number of votes secured by 21 parties, in the Lok Sabha polls – 2014.

While exercising their franchise, 59,97,054 voters in India punched the NOTA button, which amounts to 1.1 per cent of the total votes polled across 543 Lok Sabha constituencies.