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6 classic Odia breakfast dishes to kick-start your day with


Bhubaneswar: An age-old adage on the best way of living life goes as such: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. The coastal state of Odisha has healthy and fulfiling delectable breakfast options that help to regulate and improve dietary quality.

Odisha Sun Times has compiled a list of dishes that are quintessential on a breakfast table in a Odia household:

  1. Chuda kadali
Chuda kadali Picture courtesy: Facebook/Spiceathon

Nothing is more satisfying as a breakfast option as a bowlful of chuda kadali (it is basically damp flattened rice kneaded with mashed bananas with a fistful of sugar). Super easy to make, one who consumes this in the morning is good to go till lunch time, without a pang of hunger. Other ingredients such as guda (jaggery), mangoes (seasonal), boondia, grated coconut and even milk are added to make variations of this dish.

2. Suji upma

Picture courtesy: Sangita’s Kitchen

For starters, suji upma is Odia households is different from its south indian counterpart. It has vegetables in it such as tomato, beans, potato, capsicum, carrot, potatoes (sometimes) and also turmeric, that the south indian version is devoid of.

3. Dahibara-aludum

Representative image of dahi bara

Dahibara is as synonymous to Odisha as dhokla is to Gujarat. Though one doesn’t need an excuse to relish this piquant dish anytime, anywhere; it is indeed a breakfast favourite. Dahibara and aludum make a lethal combination (though a tad bit on the spicy side), to sate the appetite.

4. Chuda santula

Picture courtesy: www.indianfoodguideforyou.blogspot.in

Chuda santula (flattened rice steamed with vegetables) is again a different dish as compared to the Maharshtrian poha. Santula in an Odia kitchen is the concept of steaming vegetables in water (with or without usage of oil). Apart from an breakfast alternative, it also is a hassle-free dish that makes it to lunchboxes of school students and office-goers.

5. Bara ghuguni

Picture courtesy: Facebook/ Aama Handishala

A Facebook meme says, “Sambar-vada is for kids, bara-ghuguni id for Cuttakias!” No offence to our south indian neighbours and Katkias, but bara ghuguni is the Sunday best of morning meals all over Odisha; though many also prefer it as a winter evening snack, as well. Ghuguni is a tasty curry made of potatoes and white peas and is topped with chopped onions to complement the crispy bara.

6. Chakuli pitha-alu tarkari

Picture courtesy: Facebook/ Odisha Randhana

Made on special occasions or for guests, thin chakuli pitha coupled with alu tarkari (potato curry) can be gorged on to stomach’s full and heart’s content. It is one of the most favoured dishes during festivals and celebrations too.