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5 times Odisha’s Sudarsan Pattnaik slayed world records with his sand art!


Bhubaneswar: The magician on sand, Sudarsan Pattnaik has always succeeded in bringing laurels for the state and wowed the world with his impressive, intricate and innovative sand sculptures.

As this world renowned sand sculptor attempts to create world’s longest sand red ribbon to commemorate World AIDS Day tomorrow, Odisha Sun Times takes a look at his previous designs (with a social messages, of course) that created world records:

Bird’s-eye view of the ongoing carving of sand replica of universal symbol of awareness for HIV/AIDS on Puri beach in Odisha by Sudarsan Pattnaik

World’s longest ‘green’ Santa Claus

Made from 1500 tonnes of sand, this sand model of Santa Claus is 160 feet long, 30 feet wide and 15 feet high
Picture courtesy: puriwaves.nirmalya.in

In December 2013, Pattnaik created an 160-feet-long Santa Clause using green-coloured sand to spread awareness on the importance of environment protection. Pattnaik, along with his 15 students slogged for 16 hours to create this sculpture of this legendary Father Chritsmas figure for Limca Book of Records and broke his own record of moulding a 100-feet-long Santa Claus in 2006.

World’s biggest sand replica of Jesus Christ

Pattnaik used 1000 tonnes of sand to make this 75 feet wide and 35 feet high Jesus Christ
Picture courtsy: Facebook/ Sudarsan Pattnaik

In 2007, Pattnaik’s feat of sculpting a 60-feet-long, 30-feet-wide and 22-feet-high model of Jesus Christ, using 600 tonnes of sand and assistance of 15 students from his sand art academy,made it to Limca Book of World Records.

In December 2013, however, he proceeded to replicate and upgrade this feat with help from 25 disciples and made a 35-feet-high replica on the Puri beach, including sand forms of Santa Claus and Mother Mary.

World’s largest Santa Claus

1000 tonnes including coloured sand were used to erect this massive sand form
Picture courtesy: Facebook/ Sudarsan Pattnaik

This 45-feet-high Santa Claus, flanked by Jesus Christ and Mother Mary grabbed a lot of eyeballs on the Puri beach during Christmas of 2015. Pattnaik, along with 20 students, toiled for 22 hours to construct this giant representation of Saint Nicholas with the message of ‘World Peace’, that went on to claim a berth in Limca Book of Records.

100 sand chariots for Ratha Jatra

800 bags of sand were used within an area of 2,500 sq feet to carve out a total of 100 sand chariots

Pattnaik fashions a sand form on Puri beach to commemorate the auspicious occasion of Ratha Jatra every year. However, in July 2016, he, aided by 25 students toiled to sculpt a hundred tiny chariots of Lord Jagannath and bagged a place in Limca Book of Records, yet again.

1000 Santa Clauses

Pattnaik has broken his own record of creating the maximum number of sand Santa Clauses three times!

10th International Sand Art Festival in Odisha witnessed 500 Father Christmases spreading the message ‘Go Green, Save Earth’
Picture courtesy: Facebook/ Sudarsan Pattnaik

In 2009, he first made 100 Santas and then in 2012, 500 sand installations of him on the Puri beach and smashed his own record.

Done with a theme ‘bring happiness to the world’, this expansive portrayal was shaped using 1,000 tonnes of sand
Picture courtesy: Facebook/ Sudarsan Pattnaik

To generate awareness about the need for global happiness, Pattnaik replicated and surpassed his own feat of 2012 to make sand presentation of a whopping one thousand Santas with support from 35 students over a period of four days. He, thus, registered this accomplishment for the third time in the Limca Book of Records.