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5 times Odisha’s Sona Mohapatra made headlines for the wrong reasons!

Picture courtesy: Facebook/ Sona Mohapatra

Bhubaneswar: Indian classical singer Sona Mohapatra of Odisha, is known for making statements with her style and demeanour, as much as her music. Known as the Indian Lady Gaga, this Cuttack-born singer has managed to ruffle many feathers with her alpha-female approach on various issues, IRL and on social media.

Odisha Sun Times takes you down the memory lane when the Ambarsariya singer voiced her opinion or gave a performance and all hell broke loose!

Threatened by Sufi Foundation

In a series of tweets, Sona informed the Mumbai Police of the threats she received from the Madariya Sufi Foundation for her music single, Tori Surat.

The Foundation claimed the video is vulgar, may flare ignite communal tension and has aksed her to take it down from all mediums. They have also branded her a regular offender by digging up a Coke Studio video from five years ago, because she is seen performing in the Sifuana Kalam-inspired video to “westernised music”, while “dressed exposing her body”.

Rangabati controversy

Mujhe Kya Bechega Rupaiya singer had many outraged in Odisha for crooning a remix version of the classic Sambalpuri song Rangabati for fiddling with folk traditions and culture. Legal complaints, defamation suits and legal notices were filed against her in Nov 2015. Sona landed in trouble for not seeking prior permission for rendition of the cult song, with minor alterations. Later, when the same song was performed by Bollywood singer Shankar Mahadevan during opening ceremony of 22nd Asian Athletics Championships in July 2017, Sona unleashed a Twitter rant, labelling it hypocrisy. Shankar Mahadevan had, however, claimed to have taken permission from the makers of the original version.

Blatant Twitter dig at Bhaijaan

The ever-outspoken and unapologetic Sona took to Twitter to slam the Bollywood actor Salman Khan, twice! In 2016, when Salman made his infamous rape remark, Sona castigated him on social media and reminding everyone that rape is no joking matter.

Though the Bhaijaan fans trolled and abused her mercilessly, she remained unperturbed in spite of receiving rape threats. Recently, the Dabangg star’s conviction in the blackbuck case made Sona take a potshot at him on Twitter where she cheekily asked “..Will daddy say sorry on his behalf?”

Slammed Kangana Ranaut for her “Hrithik” outburst and oppotunistic PR move

The Hrithik-Kangana circus had Bollywood divided over who they thought was the white liar. The media kept on digging into details and provided opportunities to the Kites actors to share their sides of the the story and present their defense, thus keeping the public curiosity on edge. Meanwhile, Sona, the vehement feminist called this drama “a disservice to feminism” and wrote an open letter as a Facebook status to Kangana, admonishing her on usage of a personal matter as a means of promotion for her upcoming movie.

Catfight with Sonakshi Sinha

Justin Bieber concert in India, last year had an unconventional singer in the mix of performers. Dabangg actor Sonakshi Sinha (who seems to be smitten with the idea of becoming a singer) was supposedly slated to perform in the concert that had musicians such as Kailash Kher, Armaan Mallik and our very own Sona raising eyebrows and questionning the former’s inclusion as a singer at a much-hyped concert. Sona fulminated and berated Sonakshi for “insulting” and being “condescending” to “real musicians and singers” on social media.

In retaliation, Sonakshi blocked her on Twitter, to which Sona brandished her devil-may-care attitude.