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3D-printed selfie pancakes in the offing?


London, Feb 22:

Are we one step closer to the dream of 3D-printed selfie eatables? That is what Britain-based research, design and development house Kinneir Dufort’s recent experiment with pancakes suggests.

Pic courtesy: www. freepressjournal.in
Pic courtesy: www. freepressjournal.in

The company has detailed a process that used digital imaging, face tracking and recognition software, a 3D printer filled with pancake batter and a griddle to print (and cook) a shape.

It described in detail how cooking instructions applied to a computer-guided 3D printer.

Kinneir Dufort hacked its 3D printer, filling it with batter and printing 3D pancake designs.

However, it has not yet figured out how to combine photos and printed pancakes into an edible selfie product.

“The images are photoshopped to represent a printed face in a pancake. The process works in theory but not in practice despite, our best efforts,” company spokesman Bronwen Rolls was quoted as saying in a Mashable report.

The research firm may be able to concoct a 3D-printed selfie pancake someday.

“We can create the software, we could create final product eventually, but at this moment, we are very much at the conceptual stages,” Rolls added.

Britain recently celebrated Pancake Day which was an opportunity for Kinneir Dufort to capitalise on the craze. (IANS)