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3D-printed mouthpiece can prevent snoring


Sydney, May 12 :

Not been able to get good night’s sleep owing to snoring or sleep apnea? This 3D ‘duckbill’ device can prevent dangerous pauses in breath during sleep and stops snoring.

(source: easterndrugs.com)
(source: easterndrugs.com)

Australian researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have 3D printed a mouthpiece from titanium coated with a medical grade plastic that is customised for each patient.

“The ‘Duckbill’ device extends from the mouth like a whistle and divides into two separate airways, allowing air to flow through to the back of the throat, and avoiding obstructions from the nose, the back of the mouth and tongue,” said Oventus, an Australian dental company, in a statement.

“When Oventus came to CSIRO with this idea, we were really excited. The fact that we can now design and print a completely customised mouthpiece for patients is revolutionary,” John Barnes, CSIRO’s 3D printing expert, was quoted as saying.

This new device is tailored to an individual’s mouth using a 3D scan and is used only on the top teeth which make it far more comfortable.

The 3D-printed mouthpiece bypasses all obstructions by having airways that deliver air to the back of the throat and it will also stop patients from snoring.

The device is expected to be available in the market from next year.