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3 feared killed in bear attack!


OST Bureau
Deogarh, Jan 4:

After a respite of a month or so, man-animal conflict is back in the news with at least three persons feared killed by a wild bear in Balipata village in a densely forested area of Deogrh district.

Those feared killed in the wild bear attack include two women and a youth from the same village.

Reports said two women Kuntala Chattar (35) and Gomati Jhankar (35) of Balipata village were attacked by a bear when they had gone to a nearby hill to collect dates on Thursday.

Another person Chaitanya Sahoo alias Mundra too is feared to have been killed by the rogue bear on Friday morning.

However, no bodies have been recovered yet as people are frightened to move out of their houses since the rogue bear is still roaming in the area.

Some villagers, who had gone to the forest in a group on Friday morning in search of the two women, could not return to their homes in the night had to return back as they were attacked suddenly by the bear.

The Laimura Forest beat employees failed to capture the bear after family members of the two missing women and villagers reported the matter to them.

Forest department employees, on finding the rogue animal turning violent and attacking anybody in sight without any provocation, abandoned their efforts to trap the bear.

Later in the afternoon on Friday, Deogarh ACF Suresh Chandra Sethi, along with policemen, went into the forests but failed in their efforts to capture the wild animal. The bodies of the dead are yet to be recovered.