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3 days gone, just 64 mins of business in Assembly!


OST Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Dec 2:

BJD MLAs with placards
BJD MLAs with placards

The state Assembly has transacted business for precisely 64 minutes in the three days that it has met during the ongoing winter session which began on Thursday.

The rest of the period has been washed out in adjournments due to slogan shouting and high decibel war of words between the Opposition and treasury benches even as a host of burning issues like the mishap in Bhushan Steel Plant, the murder of Tikri school teacher Itishree Pradhan, irregularities in relief operations in cyclone and flood affected areas, distress sale of paddy and potato crisis were crying out for the members’ attention.

Just about the only worthwhile business transacted was placing of the placing of the supplementary budget for 2013-14, which took all of one minute.

The conduct of the Congress, the main opposition party, has been mysterious to say the least. Having boasted on the eve of the session that it had enough ammunition to put the government on the mat, it has found nothing more worthwhile than alleged use of the money and muscle power by the ruling party in the just concluded urban local bodies (ULB) elections.

On its part, the government side too has not exactly covered itself in glory by harping on the hackneyed theme of ‘central neglect’ ad nauseam. While it is not too difficult to see why this state of affairs suits the government, the conduct of the opposition has certainly raised eyebrows in political circles.