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200,000 people displaced in North Waziristan: Pakistan army


Islamabad, June 20 :

The Pakistan Army said Friday that 200,000 people have been displaced in North Waziristan after an operation was launched against local and foreign militants in the region.

( file pic source : AFP photo)
( file pic source : AFP photo)

The security forces, backed by fighter jets and gunships, launched an offensive Sunday, giving three days to the stranded people to leave the region, Xinhua reported citing an army spokesperson.

An organised evacuation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) continued from North Waziristan Agency towards Bannu, a main city near the tribal area. So far, 11 families (92 individuals) have been enlisted in the IDP camp, the spokesperson said.

A total of 400 Afghan families who had been living in North Waziristan also left for Afghanistan through Ghulam Khan border village Thursday. They were provided all administrative assistance.

A total 20 booths, 10 each for males and females, are continuously functioning for registration and to enable them to move out of North Waziristan, the army said.