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11 year old Pakistani boy gets 50-year jail for murder !


Islamabad, Dec 15 :

An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Pakistan has awarded a 50-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs.200,000 to an 11-year old boy for killing an under-trial prisoner in court premises earlier this year.Justice Tilted

Hafiz Ghayas, a hand-cuffed prisoner, was leaving the court after a hearing in June when Gohar Nawaz, the 11-year old boy, gunned him down. Ghayas was earlier arrested on suspicion of killing Gohar’s father due to personal enmity, the daily Dawn reported.

Gohar was subsequently arrested by the police and a case was registered against him in the anti-terrorism court.

Judge Chaudhry Imtiaz Ahmed Saturday said that he handed Gohar Nawaz a “very lenient and minimal” punishment for being a child.

The 11-year-old said he wanted to avenge his father’s death. He said the pistol he used for the murder was purchased with only Rs.500.

The boy admitted that he brought the pistol inside the court in a ladies’ handbag which was not examined by the police at the gate. (IANS)