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10 must try delicacies in Odisha’s Pilgrim Town Puri!

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Bhubaneswar: Odisha is known for its hospitality and warm-hearted people. When you are in Odisha’s famous tourist site Puri, you can not miss out on the opportunity to treat your sweet tooth. This Pilgrim Town has a lot to offer beyond beaches. Here’s a list of ten mouth-watering delicacies you must try when you’re in the coastal town of this eastern Indian state:

Malpua- This is a sweet dish made from maida and milk with fennel seeds and whole black pepper put into it. On your way to Puri, you can grab some at Chandanpur, besides at Sakhigopal and Puri. This sweet dish will leave you craving for more!

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Dalma- This is a curry which many outsiders identify Odias with. It is a curry in which the prime ingredients are pulses and varieties of vegetables and is mostly cooked at all households and food outlets in Puri.

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Flavoured milk- Milk flavored with elaichi (cardamom), kesar (saffron) and other such spices is something you should try if you want something sweet and cool! You can find these at Grand Road and other places.

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Ukhuda- A dry sweet dish which is also offered to Lord Jagannath as Prasad and can be found anywhere inside and outside the temples in Puri.

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Khaja- You can see hawkers inside and also outside the temple selling Khaja which is a sweet dish made up of maida and dipped in caramelized sugar. They are an absolute delight!

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Malai Chapati (Kheera Puli)- The thin layer of malai (cream) that appears on milk, is taken out and made into a chapati, mixed with sugar and served with elaichi (cardamom) powder sprinkled on it. Have a sweet tooth? Do not miss it!

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Nimbu and Pudina Panna- When you’re tired of all the heat exploring Puri, Nimbu and Pudina Panna is the perfect beverage to rehydrate and quench the thirst! Cool and refreshing, they can be found anywhere at the roadside in Puri.

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Abadha at Ananda Bazar- Abadha is the Maha Prasad offered to Lord Jagannath in the temple. You can buy it inside the temple and have it there, too. It includes rice, dal, mixed vegetables and a long list of dishes to choose from. What would be more fulfilling than this sumptuous meal?

Rabidi- The sweetest of all the dishes in this list is rabidi! If you haven’t tried this yet, you are missing out on something really amazing!

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If you relish non-vegetarian food, there are several options and the below emerges as a popular choice.

Seafood- Puri sea beach road is a heaven for all non-vegetarians! You can find food stalls selling various kinds of fried and spicy seafood.

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The list is long but we have condensed it to 10.