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10 injured in bee attack in city


Reported by Santosh Jagdev
Bhubaneswar, April 23:

10 persons were injured in a bee attack in Unit IX area here today after a beehive fell from a water tank near the erstwhile office of the Odisha State Electricity Board.
Beehive on water tank
As soon as the beehive fell, a swarm of honey bees started attacking the commuters passing through the nearby road.

“All of a sudden the honeybees flew into the road and started attacking. The road remained closed for nearly two hours,” said Anant Sahu, a local resident.

Abhiram Naik and Bairagi Jena, who were among those stung, had to be rushed to the nearest Power Hospital.

Following the incident, most of the local residents remained indoors out of fear.

“There are six beehives still hanging from the top of the water tank and one never knows when we have to face a similar attack,” said Babuna, a local resident. The authorities should remove the beehives at the earliest to ensure our safety, he added.

Though the exact cause behind the fall of the beehive is not known, local residents said it fell under its own weight.