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Well-like pits create panic in Odisha’s Jagatsinghpur


Jagatsinghpur: While mystery still shrouds over killing of sheep in Odisha’s Niali, sudden formation of many well-like pits has created panic among locals in Jagatsinghpur district.

As many as 14 big and small trenches were created naturally within four hours in Palasola-Dingeswar area in the district yesterday while it was raining incessantly. The villagers are now in a chaotic state as they are unable to decipher whether the trenches were created due to landslide or geographical changes.

According to reports, a trench was created in the earth suddenly near Palasola-Dingeswar road at around 5 pm during heavy downpour in the area and the depth of the trench was found deepening.

The locals said that hole is deepening further, even a stick put into it disappear. After the rainfall, several small holes were found in the area and later those transformed into well-like pits. As many as 14 holes were found in 10 farmlands between 5 pm and 9 pm.

The holes are said to be 10-15 ft wide, the clay and water were entering into it.

However, scientific reason behind formation of such holes and trenches in the area is yet to be ascertained.


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