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The Sajabaja of Odia Raja festival

Photo Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, June 13:

Odisha celebrates Raja , our very own khanti Odia festival which comes mid-June and is the most awaited festival for girls. The first day is Sajabaja which literally means preparations by the girls to look more beautiful, eating delicious sweets and peethas , wearing new clothes, streaking Alta on the feet glittering with silver anklets, putting chandan cheetas on the forehead with beautiful designs ,getting ready to swing high from the neighbourhood banyan and mango trees singing raja songs with friends, eating designer paana (betel) and getting pampered by elders.

photo courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org
photo courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

Sajabaja is the day when girls decorate hands and feet with alta or mehendi and get ready for the four day long carnival.

Photo courtesy: en.wikipedia.org
Photo courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

Every Odia unmarried girl celebrates this amazing 4-day long festival and the married Odianis  enjoy meeting up family,friends,playing ludos and other fun games.Preparations begin months earlier in stitching new clothes, buying matching bangles, shoes and other accessories.

Photo courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org
Photo courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

Plans are made days before with friends and family as how to spend those four days.The excitement and happiness does not stop but snowballs into a huge joyous celebration in every Odia family home across the globe. Four days of unlimited joy and fun it is all about Raja and sajabaja !!



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