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Panic after wild elephant herd returns to Bisra forest range


OST Bureau
Rourkela, Oct 28:

The presence of 11 wild elephants in the Bisra forest range in Sundargarh district has triggered panic among the villagers.

The jumbos that were driven back to the bordering Jharkhand forests last month have been sighted at Mahipani, Dhatukidihi, Budhikani, Mochikachu, Kundaposh and Biringajhar villages under Bisra forest range.

The forest officials have failed to drive out the herd to the forests.

According to sources, the herd first damaged the Kundaposh Primary School building and ate away about two quintals of mid-day meal rice.

Later, they damaged the pipeline and motors of Sai panchayat, banana and mango orchards of the villagers.

Bad weather has been a constraint to chase away the herd, the forest officials said.

Earlier, on December 30, 2012, the herd had crushed a couple of Jharmunda village while another was also killed on January 3 last of Telijore village by the tuskers.

So far, the families of the victims have not got any compensation, the villagers have alleged.


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