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Odisha’s lesser known paradise in Keonjhar : Kiriburu

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Bhubaneswar: Which was once known as the jungle of insects, Kiriburu hills, stand aloof in Odisha’s district of greenery, Keonjhar. A census town, Kiriburu lies adjacent to Jharkhand’s Meghatuburu hills. Resting at a height of 4300 ft, Kiriburu is a paradise less known. Know more about Keonjhar’s Cherrapunji!

Kiriburu is famous for its Iron-ore mine governed by the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL).

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This hill station sprawls in the heart of Saranda forest, a land of 700 hills, parts of which are spread in Jharkhand.

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Elephants are found in large number here. Thus, the name Kiriburu- Kiri means elephant while buru refers to hill surrounded by clouds.

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Amidst the tropical deciduous forest, this place is surrounded by trees like sal, teak, dhaura, mahul, kumbhi, moi, and harida.

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If you visit this place, do not forget to carry your pullovers and jackets because mercury drops to around 8-10 degrees Celsius here in winters.

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You can stay at the Manaharpur forest bungalow or the Saranda resort of wilderness camp. Kiriburu SAIL guest house is an amazing place to stay at, too.

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Pundul falls and the Swapneswari temple of goddess Durga and Shivalingam is a must visit here!

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Through the serenity and foliage of Keonjhar, drive 28 km from Barbil towards Kiriburu and witness the beauty of Cherrapunji in Odisha!


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