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Odisha tops growth in 4-wheeler sales : ASSOCHAM


OST Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Aug 16:

Clocking a massive 293 per cent decadal growth, Odisha has emerged as the leader amongst 20 major states in terms of growth in car, jeep and van as a mode of transport ( per 1,000 households ) during 2001-11, according to a study by industry body ASSOCHAM.


Odisha ranked 16th in terms of scooter as mode of transport with a growth of about 79 per cent during the same period, it said.

Among 20 major states, West Bengal witnessed slowest growth and was ranked 19th and 20th in terms of car/jeep/van and scooter respectively used as transport (per 1,000 households), according to a state-wise study titled ‘Automobile Industry in India: Saturated & Potential States’, released by ASSOCHAM.

“Kerala is Indias fastest growing state in terms of scooters as mode of transport in rural and urban centres, clocking growth of 198 and 101 per cent respectively during 2001-11,” said D S Rawat, national secretary general of ASSOCHAM while releasing the chambers study.

“With a growth of 149 per cent and 295 per cent respectively, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana are fastest growing states in terms of car/jeep/van as mode of transport in urban and rural centres respectively during the period,” said Rawat.

“West Bengal, on the other hand, registered slowest growth in terms of car/jeep/van as the mode of transport in both urban (31 per cent) and rural (14 per cent) centres respectively.”

While, all-India average growth in car/jeep/van as a mode of transport (per1,000 households) was about 105 per cent during 2001-11, 11 states were ahead of the national growth rate with Odisha (293 per cent), Maharashtra (237 per cent), Kerala (222 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (172 per cent) and Jharkhand (170 per cent) being the top five states.

Besides, Karnataka (84 per cent), Himachal Pradesh (76 per cent), Tamil Nadu (72 per cent), West Bengal (66 per cent) and Jammu and Kashmir (30 per cent) recorded the slowest growth.

Similarly, all-India average growth in scooter as a mode of transport (per 1,000 households) was about 96 per cent during 2001-11 and a total of 10 states were ahead of the national growth rate with Jharkhand (172 per cent), Punjab (149 per cent), Gujarat (144 per cent), Chhattisgarh (133 per cent) and Maharashtra (121 per cent) being top five states in this aspect, the ASSOCHAM study said.

Scooter as a mode of transport saw an impressive growth of about 131 per cent in rural areas compared to about 59 per cent at urban centres during 2001-11 because of dearth of a public transport system. (PTI)



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