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Meet this self-taught miniature artist from Odisha

Picture Courtesy: Sibasish Panda

Bhubaneswar: This Odisha youth discovered his artistic skills accidentally. Believe it or not, a city-based techie is now translating his ideas and giving meaningful form to articles through miniature art, which struck him while toying with a piece of chalk.

Picture Courtesy: Sibasish Panda

Sibasish Panda, an engineering student of Bhubaneswar, started carving back in 2014. “It was out of boredom that I took a chalk and started carving on it. It didn’t turn out to be good but it wasn’t bad either. The very day, I tried once more. That is how it happened,” he said.

Picture Courtesy: Sibasish Panda

The young artist has carved graphite, chalk and soaps into beautiful sculptures of Lord Jagannath, Lord Shiva, former president late APJ Abdul Kalam and many more. Honing his skills by himself, the young artist says he never received any training and he’s been his own guide throughout.

Picture Courtesy: Sibasish Panda

Speaking about the tools used, he said, “I don’t have any professional tool. I use needles, nails, screwdrivers and blades for carving. Not using professional tools have their own challenges as the sculptures often break if the hit is too hard. I made a tool myself with a 1.5-inch nail which is fit for my carvings.”

Picture Courtesy: Sibasish Panda

After understanding the concept well, he has tried out modern and traditional art in his carvings. He hones his skills not just by practising and watching videos online, but by teaching his friends in the college too. He wishes to go to a bigger platform where he can display his work and learn more about it.

One of the most intriguing forms of art which need special skills, is miniature art or carving, in which the artist gives shape to articles as small as 100 square centimetres. Common forms of miniature carvings are done on graphite, chalk and soap.


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