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Lulu taunts Jayadev comments on sabotage attempt by Cong leaders


Odisha Sun Times Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Apr 23 :

Senior Congress leader Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra (Lulu) on Tuesday reacted sharply to the PCC president Jayadev Jena’s statement – that some senior leaders will be taken to task for working against party candidates – by saying people who can not defend their support base in their own constituencies should not be blaming others for their defeat.LULU MAHAPATRA

” It is ridiculous for a leader to say this or that person sabotaged my chances to win. How can someone threaten my vote bank if I am good ? If I can not protect my support base in my own constituency, why should I blame others ? That will only prove how helpless and unsure a leader is about his own popularity and public support” Lulu Mohapatra told media persons, when asked about Jena’s comments in a press conference he had addressed on Tuesday.

Jena’s threat of taking disciplinary action against some leaders-without naming them- for anti-party activities has caused a stir in the party.

A youth leader of the party told OST, “Jena’s blabbering exposes his lack of confidence in himself both as a local leader in Anandpur and the PCC president. He has turned petty and believes Anandpur politics is Odisha politics. This is what happens when people who lack the profile of a state leader are elevated to positions that they simply do not deserve.”

A senior Congress leader termed Jena’s statement before the media as ‘unnecessary, spiteful and petty’. He said enough damage has been caused to the party because of such ill-advised statements and moves.

“Let us stop this ‘suicidal’ witch-hunting and look forward to regaining our stature as a party in the state. Now we depend on other parties for our poll results. It’s time we win on our own merit,” he said.


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