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Live audience fuels me like nothing else: Sona Mohapatra


New Delhi, July 11:

Singer Sona Mohapatra, who is not only famous for tracks like “Ambarsariya” and “Bedardi Raja” but also for her energetic stage performances, says she loves to perform on stage and there is nothing else that fuels her like a live audience.

sona mohapatra pic mtvindia.com“A live audience fuels me like nothing else and I really live to be on stage. It is as important as oxygen. It’s a very emotional thing to be on stage and to make people happy and to get them to give you that love in return. It’s like the most incredible high, you don’t have to ever drink alcohol if you can go on stage,” Mohapatra told IANS.

And she says she doesn’t consider her as just a singer but a storyteller.

“I don’t see myself as a mere singer, I never have. I see myself as a storyteller. I will always interpret a song and tell a story. I will find an emotion, a mood and a whole colour palette in which to say it in,” she quipped.

Mohapatra, who also appeared in Aamir Khan’s talk show “Satyamev Jayate” as a lead singer and performer, said her roots lie with classical and folk music and she has a deep connection with that kind of music.

Asked if she is close to classical and folk music, she said: “Absolutely, that’s where my roots are, that’s the kind of music that I like. While growing up, I barely listened to any English music. Thumri was the genre that I loved the most. Folk music made me dance more than anything.

“It’s a deep rooted love for these forms yet, I’m someone who loves dance music too like electronica in the right space is amazing.”

Mohapatra, who launched the first track “Neher vale pul” of her new album “Punjab Project – Volume 1” on Thursday, said the new album will introduce the old legends of Punjabi music to the new generation.

“There is a whole lot of music and poetry to be explored in Punjab. The Punjab Project is about paying a tribute to that and yet we’re taking a risk in saying that we want to put it in an electronica sounsdscape to reach out to a brand new audience to let the new generation discover those legends and try and do something from our side and innovate,” she said. (IANS)


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