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Lakhs witness Suna Vesha in Puri; Adharpana rituals today


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Jul 28:

More than 10 lakh devotees had the Suna Vesha darshan of the Lords on the chariots in front of the Shri Jagannath Temple in Odisha’s holy town Puri which was concluded peacefully on Monday night.

Suna Vesha or Golden Attire of Lord Jagannath (pic-Biswaranjan Mishra)
SunaVesha or Golden Attire of Lord Jagannath 

The festivity began at 4 PM after the Daitapati servitors performed all rituals of the Lords on the chariots in front of the Shri Jagannath Temple in the morning.

The Daitapati servitors brought 138 varieties of ornaments like Shribhuja, Sripayara, Ratna Padaka, Ratna Kirita, Kana Phula, Markata Mukuta, Pada Pallava, Mudi, Kanthimala, Markata Jaunli, Bala, Bahuti and Kati Mekhala from the Ratna Bhandara with armed escorts.

The servitors later performed the Sandhya Alati and Sandhya Dhupa of the Lords during Suna Vesha darshan which continued till 11 PM.

Elaborate security measures were taken to control crowd and traffic movement have been taken.

Police had erected two one-way barricades from the Market Square area on the Bada Danda (Grand Road) in which the devotees moved in a queue in the left barricade towards the chariots and left the place in the right barricade after the darshan of the Lords. The left and right barricades were manned by the Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel. Besides, sectoral deployment were also made with senior officers and forces along the lanes and bylanes connecting the Bada Danda to avoid criss-cross movement of the crowd. To keep an eye on the movement of suspect elements, CCTVs were installed at various places around the chariots and the Bada Danda.

The Aadharapana ritual of the Lords would be held this evening.

As per tradition, the Mahasuaras prepare the Adharapana with a mixture of milk, banana, milk cream and cheese which each of the three deities are offered with three pots each on the chariots. As per the mythology, the ritual is held to satisfy the deities placed around the chariots. After the ritual, these pots are broken on the chariots to offer the Adharpana to the deities, who after receiving it, return to their respective places.


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