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Former Ecuadorian president sentenced to 12 years jail


Quito, May 30 :

Ecuador’s National Court of Justice sentenced former president Jamil Mahuad to 12 years in jail for embezzlement, media reported Friday.

Jamil Mahuad
Jamil Mahuad

The court said Thursday in its Twitter account that Mahuad’s crime “had caused enormous social consequences that Ecuador continues to suffer to this date”, Xinhua reported.

Mahuad, who is now living in the US and teaching at Harvard University, faces a remand order issued by the court for a trial over embezzlement.

The 64-year-old politician, who was elected president of Ecuador in 1998, was forced to resign in January 2000 after a week of demonstrations by Ecuadorians and a military revolt.

Mahuad has rejected the indictment, arguing that the case against him was politically manipulated.



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