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Forget pizza, drone to take your dog on morning walk !


New York, May 23 :

Move over pizza delivery by drones. Now, a drone can take your dog on a morning walk while you can continue with sweet dreams in bed.

(source : ibtimes.com)
(source : ibtimes.com)

Jeff Meyers, an interaction designer living in New York, has posted a video on vimeo.com where one can clearly see a drone taking his Golden Retriever dog on a walk.

Meyers hooked the dog with a drone and then monitored the walk using a camera as well as tracking the animal on a map using a GPS device, media reports said.

Although the video shows the dog having a smooth walk, the drone obviously can not help him cross the road or save him from other aggressive dogs.

But choosing a safe path is a good idea for a drone-dog pairing, Meyers added.

In a first, a drone recently delivered pizza in Mumbai by taking the aerial route to a customer in a high-rise building during a test flight.



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