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Eminent Odisha theatre personality’s drama collections to be released Friday


Bhubaneswar: A book highlighting some of the best works of eminent Odia theatre personality Byomakesh Tripathy will be released in Odisha capital on Friday.

Thirteen plays originally written by Tripathy, who was known as Satyajit Ray of Odisha, compiled into five volumes would be released at Press Club of Odisha.

This apart, three plays – two Greek plays and one Sanskrit play – translated into Odia by Tripathy also feature in the book.

The below mentioned plays are featuring in the soon to be released book:

(1) Ek-Duei-Teen (2) Raja Mukuta (3) KanshaKabata (5) Singh Dwara (5) Jagarana (6) TolaKania (7) AkhandaJyoti (8)SunaPharua (9) MatiraSwarga (10) HemaHarini (11) Gopana Katha (12) Sati Parikhya  (13) Sri Krushna Lila.

Plays that were translated by the veteran theatre artist are: (1) King Oedipus (2) Angigone and (3) Mudra Rakhyasa.

Byomakesh, son of renowned writer Shri Govind Tripathy, was attracted to cinema and theatre from his childhood. After graduating from Calcutta University in 1958, Byomakesh joined the Asian Theatre Institute at Delhi, to learn innovative techniques of the stage craft.

Byomakesh had written a number of plays from 1959 to 1980 which were satirical and some critical, but each play strongly gave a message of truth, honesty and purity of life. His plays dealt with various burning issues like corruption, prostitution, injustice to women etc besides covering mythological and historical subjects.






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