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Despite ban, devotees throng Odisha’s Puri for Netrotsav


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Jul 17:

A day before the much-awaited Nabakalebara Rath Yatra, Odisha’s holy town Puri witnessed a heavy rush of devotees this morning on the occasion of the Netrotsav or Nabajoubana darshan  ritual of the Lords.

bada danda

If the number of people descending on the pilgrim town since early this morning is any indication, the ban on the public having the first glimpse of the deities in their new bodies imposed by the temple administration has clearly failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the devotees.

Giving details of the rituals for the Netrotsav, Vishwabasu Binayak Das Mohapatra said as per the schedule for the rituals decided by the temple managing committee, the servitors are performing the Mailam Lagi of the Lords which began at 11.45 AM.

“Prior to this, we had performed the Chaka Aparasa at 4 AM, Mangala Alati at 4.30 AM, Mailam at 5 AM, Abakasha at 6 AM, Dasa Avatara Thakura Bahuda Bije at 6.30 AM, Tati Phita between 7 AM-8 AM, Dhuadhoi, Chuna Lagi at  8.30 AM, Daitapati Sarvanga and Bandapana at 9.30 AM, Netrotsav Bandapana at 10 AM, Rosha Homa at 10.30 AM, Raja Niti at 11 AM and Yatrangi Mahasnana at 11.30 AM,” he said.

The Viswabasu said after the Mailam Lagi rituals, the other rituals to be followed are, Ghanta Chhata Sarvanga- 12 PM, Surya Puja-12.15 PM, Dwarapala Puja- 12.30 PM, Vesha Sesha- 12.45 PM, Gopala Ballav, Ghanta Chhata, Sakala Dhupa (Kotha Bhoga)- 1 PM to 2 PM, Bhoga Mandap Utha- 1.10 PM, Ratha Agyanmala Vije- 2.10 PM, Bhoga Mandap Sesha- 2.30 PM, Mailam, Yatrangi Mahasnana, Ghanta Chhata Sarvanga and Vesha Sesha- 3.30 PM, Madhyanna Dhupa- 4 PM, Dwadasha Yatra Bandapana- 5 PM, Dwitiya Bhoga Mandapa (if necessary)- 5.15 PM, Dakshini Ghara Bhoga- 5.45 PM, Mailam, Vesha Sesha- 5.45 PM-6.15 PM, Sandhya Alati- 6.30 PM, Sandhya Dhupa- 7 PM, Trutiya Bhoga Mandapa- 7.10 PM, Ankuraropana- 8 PM, Mailam- 8.45 PM, Chandan Lagi- 9.30 PM, Badasimhara Vesha- 10.30 PM, Pahuda Alati- 11 PM. Shrimukha Khandua- 11.15 PM, Bahuta Kanta- 11.30 PM and Senapata Lagi- 12 PM to 5 AM.


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