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Desperate BJD trying to buy voters in Khandapada, allege AOP workers


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Apr 15:

Panicked by the growing popularity of Soumya Ranjan Patnaik and Ama Odisha Party (AOP) in the Khandapada Assembly constituency, the ruling BJD has started doling out ‘bribes both in cash and kind’ in its last ditch effort to woo the voters, AOP workers have alleged.
AOP-Bhapur rally
According to them, the local BJD leaders have started a clandestine night operation to distribute cash among the people through their party workers and agents in the villages.

Such is the desperation among the BJD workers that they have even gone to the extent of blackmailing people by making them swear in the name of local deities to cast their votes in favour of their party candidate, they said.

In some areas, the BJD workers are reportedly distributing raw mutton and chicken in polythene packets among the people while spreading canards against rivals party candidates.

However, this strategy has not worked at many places in Khandapada as there are reports of people  openly opposing and challenging their modus operandi.

Rattled by the winds of change, the BJD leaders are apprehensive of the outcome of the ensuing polls on Thursday, the reports said.



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